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Bali Private Driver and Car Rental


Bali Private Driver and Car Rental

Want to visit Bali but you are not sure to use the public transportation to go to the place that you wanted? Do not have to worry about that problem because there are so many Bali private driver and car rentals that can be chosen by you. That private driver and car rental is the Bali driver is really trustworthy. They will guarantee you by bringing you into the nature of Bali so you can enjoy how beauty of our island which is already crowned as the most beautiful island in Indo-Pacific.  Make your travel planning and choose a package tour offered is a simple thing that you can do when you visiting some places especially if you don’t know well the destination are you going to explore. Recently there are so many way you can find some information about the destination such as Media Social, Trip Advisor, guide book, and reference of friend. All those information will make you more confident and easier to decided which destination are going to visit to maximize your time on your holiday

Bali Holiday Expert  Package Tour is one of the best options to planning your holiday in Bali as you can flexibly decide the itinerary, start time of your tour, length of your tour, and style of travel as well as fulfill your personal interest and control your travel budget.

Another Bali Holiday Expert Tailor Tour Package also allows you and your family to sit back, relax and enjoy Bali. We will also take you to the places you may not have known about and you will explore Bali in a fun, relaxing and meaningful way. Bali Authentic Tailor Tour Package is leisure transportation and tour services, and allows you to full control of your time and your route

Adventure Package Tour You May Choose

Bali Holiday Expert Team will also offer you by some good tour adventures that will boost your adrenaline into the max. The first tour adventure that they are offering is Rafting in TelagaWaja River. TelagaWaja River is located in Karangasem Regency, approximately 2 hours from Denpasar. This river is really challenging for you because this river has high grade for rafting. Besides that, the panoramas of rice field and the landscape of nature will be your special gift to enjoy. The other adventure tour is tracking in Mount Batur. Mount Batur is located in Bangli regency and really a good place to do a tracking. Usually, the tourist doing the tracking to see the sunrise on the top of Mount Batur. After that you can enjoy the hot spring alongside drink the luwakcoffee which is famous here. The last but not least is trip into the Sacred Village of Trunyan. Trunyan Village is Located in the middle of Batur Lake, Bangli. In this village, you can experience a unique traditional burial of the corpse. The corpse is not buried or burned, but just put it under the tree, and the corpse is not releasing a bad smell. It is really strange and of course unique part of this village. Besides that, the nature and culture of this place is too difficult to forget.

Rent Car and Drive on Your Own

Beside, the private driver is offering the tour trip the some beautiful places in Bali, Bali Holiday Expert Team also offer a car rental service included the driver for all of the customers. There are usually four types of car that can be chosen, first is small car for example SuzukiKarimun. Although this car is look small, but you do need to be worried about that, this car is still capable to contain 4 passengers. Standard car for example Suzuki APV. This car is almost like a minibus which is can contain at least 8 passengers. Semi luxury car for example Toyota Innova. A little bit smaller than APV, but has better facilities inside of it, and the last is luxury car for example Toyota Alphard. Sophisticated car that will make you feel comfortable inside of it. All of those cars is full air conditioner, free toll, parking, and petrol and many more services that you will get. All of those cars is usually available on Bali Holiday Expert Tourist Information & Holiday Advisor.