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Bali Cofee Agrotourism (Kintamani and Gianyar)

A taste for all: Testers of coffees and teas with various tastes, including ginger and vanilla.
The road connecting Tampaksiring in Gianyar and Kintamani in Bangli has seen a boom in the number of agricultural tourism sites over the last five years. A location that can be reached in one-and-a-half hours of driving from Denpasar now hosts around 10 sites developed by local people.

These sites offer interesting activities for tourists in the midst of lush plantations of coffee, local spices and tropical fruits, like trekking and tasting the crops and various processed products fresh from the trees. One of the sites is BAS agritourism, characterized by the heart-shaped logo with the letters BAS inside. BAS stands for Buana Amertha Sari, the name of the company. Last week, there were at least 20 foreigners visiting with their respective tour guides, as well as a small group of bicycle tour participants.

There are various species of plants in this lush plantation, predominantly coffee since it is the most
suitable commodity to grow in this area, located between 900 to 1,200 meters above sea level.
A signboard bearing the English name of the plant is placed on every tree.

From this point, visitors can enjoy the scenic natural beauty of green hills and rivers. Those who are interested in trekking can walk along a steep path to go around the two-hectare plantation.

Mustika, the owner, said the plantation belonged to her family and had begun to be developed for tourism since 2006.

Visitors can also see the coffee-making process, from seeds to powder, in a place designed like a traditional kitchen with a wood furnace, displaying variety of coffee, including Arabica, Robusta and Luwak coffee. The fragrance of coffee fills the air as the seeds are roasted.
Two cages with some civets inside can be found in the middle of the plantation, attracting visitors as they are curious about how the civets are treated to be able to produce high quality coffee.

A coffee shop is perfectly located amidst the lush trees, where visitors can sip a coffee of their choice while gazing at the panorama of green hills.

The most enjoyable moment visiting here is to sip the 12 testers of coffee, tea and local spice products provided by the owner for free, so that visitors can later decide which products to buy.
There are testers of lemon tea, lemongrass tea, rosella tea, pandanus tea, ginger tea and ginseng tea, as well as hot cocoa, Arabica, Robusta and vanilla coffee, coconut coffee and vanilla.

At the counter of packaged products, hundreds of kinds of local spices, like coriander, cinnamon, coffee, tea and those used for spa therapy, are available. ( Click Here for  the Tour Package related with this itinerary)